Map feature tips

To provide additional information about records that are identified on a map, you can define the type of information that is displayed. This information is defined by using templates and menu items. The additional information is displayed in an information window on the map for the associated record.

A map tip object defines the template and menu items for the map tip. The templates define the content of the information window. Menu items define the actions for each map tip. Existing dialog boxes are used as menu item actions. The following table lists the existing dialog boxes that you can add as menu items to the map tip information.
Menu item label Dialog identifier Record
Asset Details astdetails Asset records
Drilldown drilldown Assets and location records
Service Address Related Records maptips_sa_dialog Service address records
View Work Details wopms_byasset Assets records
View Work Details wopms_byloc Location records

You can also add authorization access to the object and menu items. Signature options must be created for the Map Manager application in the Application Designer application. Using signature options for the object template and menu items determines user access to view the additional information for a record. Using signature options for the object and menu items is optional. If signature options are not used, then security is not validated.