Global records

A global record, or global ticket, is an incident or a problem with a root cause that is the cause of many other issues, or that is something affecting many other users. Examples of these events are computer network failures or widespread flooding in a building. Only incident or problem records can be global records. However, other record types might be associated with a global record.

You can relate other service request, incident and problem records to a global record and manage them via the global record. You can view all related records from the global record and change the statuses of globally-related records by changing the status of the global record. In addition, if your administrator has set up automated notifications of status changes, the system makes them to all of the records associated with the global issue. For example, all of the initial requestors reporting the same issue will be notified of its resolution. On the global record, you can also view a list of related records and view the work and communication logs for all related records.

You can indicate whether an incident is a global ticket or is related to a global ticket on the Incident tab. You can also use the Show Similar Tickets action to relate service requests, other incidents, or problems to a global record. A record can be a global ticket or related to a global ticket, but not both. Records that were created as follow-up records from the global record cannot be related to it as a global record; that is, you cannot manage them from the global record. You also cannot relate any record to an archived (history) global record.