Manage CI Hierarchies dialog box

The Manage CI Hierarchies dialog was the method used in early releases of IBM® Maximo IT for defining the authorized CI space.

In previous releases of Maximo IT, you used the Manage CI Hierarchies dialog, part of the Classifications application, to configure a set of classifications for authorized CIs. These classifications were used as templates to promote actual CIs and create authorized CIs. This method is now disabled by default, because the best practice for defining an authorized CI space is the Deployer's Workbench.

If you have authorized CI classifications that you created using the Manage CI Hierarchies function, you can continue to use them. You must decide how you will continue to maintain and update your CI space. You can choose either of these options:
Continue to use the old method
You can continue to use the Manage CI Hierarchies function to update your CI space. To do so, you will need to modify a MAXVAR to enable the use of this function. This approach does not give you the tooling provided by the Deployer's Workbench, and it requires you to do this work using the Maximo IT server and user interface. Each time that you save changes to your authorized CI space using this function, you must restart the MXServer to implement the changes. If you choose this approach, you can convert to using the Deployer's Workbench at any time.
By default access to the Manage CI Hierarchies dialog box is disabled. To enable access, issue the following command against your database:
update maxvars set varvalue='1' where varname='SHOWMANAGECIHIERAR' 
The command is the same for all supported databases and requires write access to the database. If you have enabled access and wish to disable it, issue the command again, setting the varvalue to 0.
Use the Deployer's Workbench
You can import the authorized CI classifications that you have already created into the Deployer's Workbench, so that you can use its tooling to continue to work on your CI space definitions. You can install and use the Deployer's Workbench on a separate machine, so that it does not compete for resources with your Maximo IT server as you work on your CI space. After you import your existing definitions into Deployer's Workbench, or create a new CI space, you cannot transfer your work back to the Manage CI Hierarchies function.

Refer to the Deployer's Workbench documentation for information about importing the authorized classifications that you created with Manage CI Hierarchies into the Deployer's Workbench.