Activities and Tasks application

Use this application to create, view, and edit implementation tasks that are used to complete Change processes and other processes, such as Release processes, in the data center.

To view a list of work order records that have been created and saved in the application, place the cursor in the Work Order field, and press Enter. Use the search and query capabilities to limit your list as needed. After you open a record, you can click List View to return to the list of records.

Tabs are displayed when a record is open; the tabs enable you to work with the selected record. The Activities and Tasks application contains the following tabs:

Activities and Tasks
Use this tab to view and modify details about existing activities and tasks or to create a new task. In an activity, you can open the Workplan Map tab to view an overall map of the tasks for that activity. You can view the task-by-task flow of an activity, along with the status of each task; the dependencies among tasks; and the properties of individual tasks. See Viewing a Workplan Map for more information.

If an assisted workflow is attached to a job plan, the name of the workflow is shown in the Assisted Workflow field of the Activities and Tasks tab. The assisted workflow is used to move you from the Activities and Tasks application to other applications in the product as needed.

Use this tab to view planned and actual information about a task, including information about the labor, materials, services, tools and predecessors that are associated with the task.
Use this tab to enter, view, and modify tasks, along with labor, material, services, and other requirements for the work plan.
Use this tab to enter, view and modify actual start and finish times, labor hours and costs, material quantities, locations, costs, and tool quantities, hours and costs.
Related Records
Use this tab to view work orders or tickets that are related to a task.
Use this tab to view email, work, and communication logs for a task.
Service Address
Use this tab to view or add service address information for the record and to view information about an associated customer, customer agreement, price schedule, and billing status. You can set up a service address for a record in the Service Address application. A service address might also be automatically applied to a record if the CI, location, or asset associated with the record has a service address defined. A record must have a service address in order for a map to be displayed for the record in the Map tab.
Use this tab to view a map showing the location of the current record. A map is provided only if your administrator has enabled a map service for your installation. For more information about mapping records, see Using maps.