Access rights for security groups

Each Change Management security group has a specific set of application access rights. This table lists the application access for each role in the change management process.

Security groups and application access rights

The types of application access rights that are assigned to each security group are as follows:

  • Full—read, write, update
  • Read—read only
  • Run reports

You can go to the Security Groups application and review the range of application rights that are assigned to the Change Management security groups. To view the security groups and application rights for change management, Open menu > Security > Security Groups, type pmchg in the Group field, and press Enter. In the list of security groups, click the name of the group to view application rights and other information.

You can edit this application access information as needed. For more information, consult the information that is provided for the Security Groups application (in the navigation pane, click Modules and applications > Security module > Security Groups application).