Security groups

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines several roles that are relevant to Change Management. If you enable the installation process to perform automatic configuration, it creates these roles as security groups.

The following roles, or security groups, are provided as built-in content. Each security group has its own start center and application access. You can edit these built-in security groups, or create your own security groups, in the Security Groups application; access this application by clicking Open menu > Security > Security Groups.
Change manager
Primarily responsible for the definition and the overall quality of the Change Management process
Change administrator
Administers the change management processes, designs workflows to implement Change processes
Change owner
Responsible for accepting Requests for Change (RFCs) and following established processes to implement the Changes
Change analyst
Responsible for assessing some aspect of the Change
Change approver
Responsible for reviewing and approving some aspect of the Change
Change implementer
Responsible for individual implementation steps, including building and testing
Any user of the environment who creates an RFC

You might want to use these roles as they are defined, or you might want to combine or omit some of them. You can establish a set of roles and security groups that meet your needs.