Authorizing users to initiate solution-based chats

To request a chat about a solution, an end user clicks the Chat with Agent about this Solution button in the Self Service Center. As shipped, this product does not display the button. To provide this option, you must turn on the button for one or more security groups. You do so in the Security Groups application.

About this task

You can assign this option to the EVERYONE group to enable all groups to initiate chats. If you want to limit the groups that have access, you can provide the option to selected groups.


Perform these steps to provide the Chat with Agent about this Solution button in the Self Service Center for one or more security groups:

  1. Open the Security Groups application (Open menu > Security > Security Groups).
  2. With the cursor in the Group field, press Enter to display a list of security groups that are defined in your environment.
  3. Select the group or groups for which you want to provide the chat feature.
  4. Open the Applications tab, and filter to select the Self Service Center application.
  5. In the table that lists options for the group, scroll to Show chat with agent button in the solution dialog, check this option, and check Grant Access.
  6. Save the person group record, and repeat these steps for additional groups to which you want to grant access to the live chat feature.