Authorizing groups to edit the Contact Us pod

The contents of the Contact Us pod in the Self Service Center can be edited. This product ships with the MAXADMIN group authorized to edit the pod. As an administrator, you can grant other groups the permission to perform these edits. You do so in the Security Groups application.


Perform the following steps to grant one or more security groups the permission to edit the contact pod.

  1. Go to the Security Groups application (Open menu > Security > Security Groups), and open a group for which you want to hide or show these options.
  2. Open the Applications tab and scroll or filter to locate and select the Person Groups application.
  3. To give the specified security group permission to edit the contents of the contact pod, select Grant Access for the Configure Chat Settings option in the Options for Person Groups section.
  4. Save the record and repeat these steps for other security groups as appropriate.