Selecting a software image from OMP

Use the Select from OMP dialog box to select one or more software image configuration items (CIs) that are stored on the operational management system (OMP) that is defined for the repository you are working with.

Before you begin

Use this option when you have associated an operational management product (OMP) with the repository. After you populate the repository with software images that are managed by that OMP, you can select an image as a source for an automated software distribution task. The dialog box displays a list of the software image CIs that are managed by the OMP. When you select a CI, you are creating a reference to that software image in the repository and associating the image with the OMP.

About this task

To select software images from an OMP:


  1. Select one or more CIs from the Configuration Items list that you want to associate with the OMP that is defined for the repository that you are working with. To select all of the CIs in the list, click the Select All Records check box in the header row.
  2. Click OK to associate the selected software image CIs with the repository that you are working with.