Creating a printing shortcut for reports with attached documents

When you add the Direct Print with Attachments icon to an application toolbar, you click the icon once to print a report with attachments, instead of clicking multiple times. You can add this function only for those reports without parameters, for example the Work Order Details report.

About this task

Attached document files with the following file extensions cannot be printed:
  • .ppt
  • .pptx


  1. Select a report that has no parameters.
  2. Select the Limit Records check box.
  3. In the Max Record Limit field, enter the maximum number of records on which a user can run the report. This value can be any number greater than zero.
  4. In the Toolbar Sequence field, enter a number for the order in which the icon should appear in the toolbar.
  5. Select the Direct Print with Attachments check box.
  6. In the Direct Print with Attachments Location field, specify a value.
  7. Save the report.
  8. If you have not previously enabled this report for direct printing of attached documents, generate the request page.