Communicating and preparing a release

At this stage of the release, stakeholders, users, and others are briefed about the release. In addition, any needed site preparation and user education takes place.

About this task

The tasks that are scheduled for this part of the release typically include the following:
  • Briefing stakeholders. You ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the upcoming changes that will occur when the release is deployed. You also handle any concerns that the stakeholders might have.
  • Communicating to and educating end users. This task ensures that all end users are aware of upcoming changes and adequately trained on the new release.
  • Communicating to and educating site support. All pertinent support personnel are made aware of the upcoming changes and trained to provide adequate support.
  • Conducting site-specific training and preparation. This task prepares each site for the upcoming release. You might conduct site-specific testing, system shutdowns, reminders about the upcoming release, backups, and so on.