Modifying CI attributes

Use this task to specify configuration item (CI) attributes that are modified by a release. For example, a release that involves moving a server and updating its hostname results in a modification to the hostname attribute for the CI. When you specify a CI attribute modification using this task, the CI is automatically updated with the specified modification when the change is completed.

About this task

CI attributes are modified in the Move/Swap/Modify dialog box. This topic focuses on the modification of CI attributes, which is one of many operations that can be performed in the Move/Swap/Modify dialog box.

To modify the attributes of CIs associated with a release, perform the following steps during the release implementation:


  1. With the release open in the Releases application, select Move/Swap/Modify from the Common Actions menu. The Move/Swap/Modify dialog box is displayed.
  2. Open the Modify tab, and then open the Configuration Items tab. The CIs section lists all of the CIs that are associated with the release; CI specifications, including attributes, are displayed in the CI Specifications section.
  3. With a CI row highlighted, select an attribute in the Specifications section that you want to modify, and click Modify Attribute to display fields in which to modify the selected attribute. For example, type a new value for the Hostname attribute if the release adds changes the hostname of a server.
  4. After you have specified all of the CI attribute modifications that apply, click Save as Plan.

    Clicking Save as Plan causes the CI to be updated as specified when the release moves to the COMPLETE status. Clicking Execute Now updates the CI now. Save as Plan is the preferred choice if you want to synchronize the Release and Configuration Management processes. When you use Save as Plan, you can add a task to your work plan, to be performed after you have recorded the CI changes but before you mark the release complete. This task can be an approval task that asks the configuration manager to review the CI attribute changes and agree that they are recorded satisfactorily, or it can be to submit a request as described in the next step.

  5. From within the release, create a process request to configuration management to update the CI. In the new process request, do the following:
    1. Specify a classification of PMCFGUR (CIs configuration update request).
    2. Open the CHGRFCD attribute.
    3. In the Table Value field, type or select YES.
    4. In the Target CIs section, specify the CI that is modified, and save the request.

    When you specify the YES table value for the CHGRDCD attribute, you are informing the configuration manager who receives the request that the modifications were specified in the Move/Modify/Swap dialog box. The configuration manager can then go to the Releases application and examine the modifications; in addition, the configuration manager will be aware that the CI was automatically updated as specified when the release status moved to COMPLETE.