Relating a ticket to a global record

A global record is an incident or problem that documents a root cause of many other issues or that documents something affecting many users. You can relate service requests, incidents and problems to a global record and manage them through the global record.


  1. Display the ticket that you want to relate to the global record.
  2. Click on the available globe icon. It displays a dialog where you can relate this ticket to a global record.
  3. In the Related to Global ID field, enter the identifier of the global record, or click the Detail Menu icon to select an option and retrieve a value.
    The class of the global record is added in the Global Class field.
  4. Click Save.


When the global ticket is resolved, the status of all the tickets that are related to it as a global record are updated to match the status of the global ticket. The solution that is recorded for the global ticket is linked to all the related tickets.