Enabling enterprise services for sequential queues

Before you import data, you must enable the enterprise services defined for software catalog imports and specify use of sequential queues.

Before you begin

By default, all the enterprise services are disabled. After you enable the enterprise services, you can disable one or more services if you want to prevent the external system from processing messages associated with a service. By default, the enterprise services for software catalog imports are configured to use continuous queues. If you want to use sequential queues, you must specify that option for each enterprise service in the external system.

About this task

The external system for software catalog imports includes the following enterprise services:

In this task, you perform two procedures for each enterprise service. You enable the service, and you specify that each service enabled is uses a sequential queue.


  1. On the navigation bar, click Open menu > Integration > External Systems.
  2. In the External Systems application, display TAMITEXTSYS, the external system for software catalog imports.
  3. On the Enterprise Services tab, review the enterprise services listed, and select the Enabled check box for each enterprise service that you want to enable.
  4. To write messages to the sequential inbound queue, clear the Use Continuous Queue check box for each enterprise service.
  5. Click Save External System.

What to do next

To import catalog data, enable the TAMITEXTSYS external system.