Working with question and answer sets

Go to the Questions application (Open Menu > Administration > Survey Management > Questions) to create or update an existing question and answer set. A question must have at least one associated answer.

Each question has a type. A question type can be:

  • Radio button
  • Check box
  • Free form

The status of a question can be:

Archive status is used to keep questions for statistical or historical purpose. At any time, you can move a question from Archive to Active status. If you do not use a particular question or a question is used in survey for some period of time and then it is not used, then you can move the question to Archive status.

The following rules apply to various status conditions:

  • The default status for the new question is Active.
  • A question can not be edited once it assigned or associated to a survey, no matter what the survey status is.
  • A question cannot be deleted while in Active status. It can only be deleted by moving it from Active to Archive status.
  • A question cannot be moved from Active to Archive status once it is assigned or associated to a survey.
  • A question will not appear in the selection list when selecting questions to add to a survey, once a question is in Archive status.