Specifying the properties of manual input nodes

You use manual input nodes in a workflow process to designate options that users are presented with during a workflow process.

About this task

Use the Manual Input Properties window to specify the following properties for manual input nodes:
Used to specify or modify the node name and the description.
Display One
Used to specify what the product should do if a user has security permissions to only one specified option. If the check box is selected, users see the single option in the Manual Input dialog box. If the check box is cleared, the action is performed. The Manual Input dialog box is not displayed.
Displays actions associated with the connection lines that exit from the node. Add rows to the Actions window by drawing connections that exit the node. You can type a number in the Sequence column to specify the order in which options are presented to a user. The Instruction displays for each row in the Manual Input window.
Used to specify any notifications that the product generates if the record travels through a connection line that exits the node. You can use a communication template to create one or more notifications. You can also choose to specify the subject, message, and role recipients manually.


  1. Select a process from the list with properties to be modified.
  2. From the Canvas tab, right-click the Manual Input node and select Properties, or double-click the Manual Input node.
  3. Optional: Type a description.
  4. Select the Display One check box to specify the action that occurs when a user has security permissions to one specified option.
  5. In the Action field, specify a value.
  6. In the Communication Template field, specify a value.
  7. In the Send To field, specify a value.
  8. In the Subject field, type the subject of the notification email.
  9. In the Message field, type the message of the notification email.
  10. Click OK and click Save Process.