Integrating with JIRA

This documentation describes how to integrate Maximo IT with JIRA and provides sample scripts. The scripts and the integration procedures mentioned in this documentation can be used as a reference and must be customized based on your production environment to enable the integration.
Note: This integration documentation, including scripts, are just samples and must be customized as per your Maximo IT environment. The Normal IBM support process does not apply to the custom scripts or the customizations.

Maximo IT provides users the ability to raise tickets for IT services, including software issues. JIRA Software is an agile project management tool that supports any agile methodology, be it scrum, kanban, or any unique flavor. In general Atlassian suite is used for coding/collaboration and to manage issues/projects. When Maximo IT is integrated with Jira, it gives the users the ability to enable DevOps scenarios by providing end-to-end visibility and tracking incidents which become corresponding issues in JIRA. With this capability, it becomes easier to manage the software projects and issues or incidents that arise.

This integration enables the users to perform the following actions:

  1. Create issues in Jira:For any Incident created in Maximo IT with Summary and basic details, a corresponding JIRA Task will be created automatically with the same details.
    Note: When you create and save an Incident in Maximo IT, do the following to publish the Incident as a Task in JIRA:
    • For the Incident Details section, check the checkbox for Create JIRA Ticket? and enter the JIRA server address in the JIRA End Point field. For example, http://<YOUR_JIRA_SERVER_IP>:<Port. To know more on how to add attribute Create JIRA Ticket? and JIRA End Point, see Adding Attribute in Incident Application.
    • The ICD ticketid will be mapped as ICDTICKETID field in JIRA. To know more on ICDTICKETID field in JIRA, refer Creating custom fields in JIRA
  2. Update an issue:
    The status of the issue from JIRA can be updated and it will be reflected in the Maximo IT incident ticket. The update in description, priority of the issue in JIRA will be reflected in Maximo IT incident.
  3. Worklog update:
    Any update in the comment in JIRA defect will be updated as a worklog in the Maximo IT incident.
Note: TPAE folder contains two versions of the httpcore jar that is httpcore-4.2.4 and httpcore-4.4.4 and these can give conflict error ClassNotFoundException. Before you start the integration procedure, delete httpcore-4.2.4 jar and use only the latest one httpcore-4.4.4 jar in the TPAE lib folder to avoid any error.