Applying a problem template

A template contains data that you can automatically insert in common, high-volume records. Instead of manually entering standard information each time, you can apply a template that contains information such as owner, service group and service, classification, and internal priority. The template also can contain activities, labor requirements, and activity owners.

You can apply only one template to a record.

  1. In the Problems application, display the record to which you want to apply a template.

  2. Select the Apply Problem Template action from the Common Actions list.

    The system searches for all active templates for problem records. In certain circumstances, the result set is filtered.

  3. In the Ticket Templates dialog, select the template you want to apply and click OK. The system displays a message confirming the application of a template.

    Note: If a template contains activities or job plans, the system creates an activity work order for each activity on the template and potentially creates an activity work order for each job plan on the template. Addition of activities for job plans is site-dependent. Activities created from job plans include creation of associated labor, materials, services and tools from the job plan.
  4. The template can add the following information, but you can modify it.

    Summary and Details fields : Priority, Owner or Owner Group, Service Group or Service, Classification, Vendor, and Organization.

    Activities fields: Activity, Sequence, Job Plan, Site, Organization, Description, Owner or Owner Group, Priority, Vendor, and Classification.