Deployment data errors

When a migration package is deployed, application data validations are applied to the configuration data that is imported from the package. If a data validation fails for data in the package, a deployment data error occurs and processing of the package stops.

Depending on the type of error, you may be able to correct the data that caused an error and continue the deployment of a package. The deployment continues from the start of the configuration data file that caused the error.

Some deployment data errors are caused by data validation failure that results from loading data contained in the package XML. In these cases, the error is displayed on the Package tab of the Migration Manager application. The tab shows details about the error, including the configuration data that caused the error.

If multiple errors occur for the same package, the tab shows a history of all the errors. The history of the errors can be useful for audits. You can delete old deployment data error records, but you then lose the history of the errors for the package.