Person statuses

There are two person statuses: active and inactive. A person must be active to be assigned to a labor record or a user record. Inactive persons do not appear in select value lists.

The default status of a person record is active.

You cannot change a person status to inactive if the person ID is listed:

  • As a supervisor on another person record or job plan record
  • As a custodian or a user for an asset or location
  • On a ticket record as an owner
  • On a communication template or a ticket template
  • As a ship to contact or a bill to contact on a purchasing record
  • As a member of a person group
  • On an assignment or notification on an active workflow process

When you change the status of a person to inactive, the associated labor records and user records statuses are also changed to inactive. However, when you change the status of an inactive person to active, the status of the associated labor records and user records do not change. You must change the status of these records to active in the Labor application and Users application.