A license, often referred to as a license agreement, is a legal agreement that authorizes the use of proprietary information including, but not limited to, copyrighted or patented information. IBM® and other software is often licensed for use, and there are many types of software licenses.

Licenses sometimes place additional restrictions on a software program; for example, limiting:
  • Installation to a geographical location or organizational unit
  • Use to developers, students, or another specific type of user
  • The number of installations
  • The number of unique users of a floating license

It is important to differentiate between a license and a pricing metric. The license defines what you may and may not do with a product. The pricing metric, measured in capacity units, defines how capacity is counted and applied against the entitlement. In many cases, you can increase the entitlement only through a new license agreement which complements one or more existing agreements.

Using the Licenses application in Maximo IT, along with your license documentation (license agreements, pricing contracts, and related information such as addenda), you can create one or more license records in the Maximo® database. The license records are used by Maximo IT to help your business manage its software licenses and usage and prepare for license audits.