Advanced and express process definitions

The process definitions consist of workflow processes and two different views of the Changes application: advanced and express. The advanced workflow process and application provide the full power of the Change module. The express processes and application provide a process definition in which the more advanced features are hidden.

The advanced Change process, along with its associated workflow and application view, is available to users of Maximo IT. The advanced process is directed by the PMCHGMAIN1 workflow. It includes advanced analytics and automation. The advanced process is ideal for customers with a high volume of Changes.

The express Change process is provided for users of Maximo IT. Depending on their business needs, organizations who have the Maximo IT products can use security group settings to assign users to the express application. An express workflow process and Changes application is better suited for customers who prefer less automation in favor of a streamlined hands-on approach.

Two workflows are provided for use with the express Changes application: PMCHGFIXD1 and PMCHGFLEXD1:
This workflow operates like a wizard, guiding you through a series of steps sequentially to the completion of the process. It ensures that all steps are completed in a certain order.
Instead of going through all of the steps sequentially, this workflow completes only the steps for the current phase of the process, updates the status, and exits. The user then clicks the workflow icon again to start the next step in the process. This workflow is more flexible than PMCHGFIXD1; for example, you can go back and change the status to an earlier phase in the process and redo that earlier phase. The user has more control with this workflow.