You use the People application to create, to modify, to view, and to delete records for individuals. The People application stores information about individuals, such as users, laborers, asset owners, and supervisors who receive workflow notifications.

A person record is a record for an individual whose name could appear as a text field value. Workflow assignments are made to roles. All roles resolve to a person, to a person group, or to an e-mail address.

The name of a person is used as the text field value in the Reported By field or in the Affected Person field on a service request, in the Supervisor field on a labor record, or in a Ship To field or Bill To Attention field on a purchasing record.

You must create a person record for any individual who is assigned tasks as part of a workflow process. When you create records in the Labor application and in the Users application, you must create a person record. Person records might have to be created for other individuals who do not have records in the Labor application or in the Users application.

Person records that you create for use as part of workflow processes contain the values in the following fields:

The person who oversees or manages the individual. This information is used for escalations.
Primary E-mail
The E-mail address where notifications are sent.
Primary Calendar
The work calendar that the individual follows. This information is used when determining assignments and escalations.
Primary Shift
The shift that the individual works. This information is used when determining assignments and escalations.
Workflow E-mail Notification
The circumstances when the individual receive e-mail notifications for task assignments. The default value is PROCESS.
Workflow Delegate
The person identifier of the individual designated to receive assignments when the primary individual is unavailable for an extended time (for example, on vacation or on sick leave).
Delegate From and Delegate To
The time period when workflow processes route assignment to the delegate. If these fields are empty, all workflow assignments are routed to the delegate.