Communication Templates

You use the Communication Templates application to create and manage communication templates. These templates can be used to standardize frequently used email communications (which are also known as notifications).

You can use communication templates in the following ways:
  • You can add file attachments or document folders to communication templates. When an email communication is sent, the attachments are included in the email communication, either in a folder or in an attachment.
  • You can use communication templates with the workflow process. For example, you might have a workflow process for purchase requisitions that uses a communication template. When a user submits a request for a notebook, the purchase request enters the workflow and must be approved by an immediate supervisor. When the purchase request is approved, the status is set to approved. An email communication is then sent out using the communication template to the user who submitted the request.
  • You can use communication templates with the escalation process. For example, when a service desk agent does not complete assignments within six hours, you can create an escalation configuration that uses communication templates. The assignment is escalated to the supervisor, and the supervisor receives an email communication.
  • Service desk agents can create and send email communications from the ticket applications (the Service Requests application, the Incidents application, and the Problems application). These email communications are sent by using standardized information from communication templates. The recipients of the email communications can respond. The service desk agents can view the two-way dialog in the communication log in the ticket applications.