What content you can migrate

The configuration content that you can migrate comes from tables that are in the database or from files that are outside the database.

Content that is in the underlying database is usually in tables. The data that is related to the configuration applications is aggregated into groups that can be migrated.

Content that is outside the database is typically in the form of files on the application server file system. When you extend or customize an application you might have files that the application depends on to run. Therefore, you might have to migrate the content that is outside the database together with the configuration content that is in the database. Content that is outside the database is referred to as a compiled source.

For example, suppose that you extend the Purchase Order application in a development environment by making the following changes:
  • You add a table and columns to the database by using the Database Configuration application.
  • You add a tab to the Purchase Order application by using the Application Designer application.
  • You add a domain that contains look-up values by using the Domains application.
  • You create a business workflow to automate the approval of the data that is managed by the new table.

The configuration content that you must migrate to your test and production environments includes the table, the tab, the domain and its look-up values, and the workflow. The configuration content includes database content and might include compiled sources.