Specifying meter readings on work orders

You can enter meter readings for the asset and the location on a work order. An asset can be set up to inherit the meter readings of its parent asset or its location.

About this task

To find out if an asset is inheriting meter readings, go to the asset record and check the value in the Accept Rolldown From field.


  1. Display the record for which you want to enter a reading.
  2. From the Select Action menu, select Enter Meter Readings.
  3. To enter a meter reading, select either of the following options:
    • To enter a meter reading for the asset, click the Asset Meter Readings tab.
    • To enter a meter reading for the location, click the Location Meter Readings tab. If the asset and location have meters, and the asset inherits the meter reading for the location, enter a reading for either the asset or the location. If the asset has child records that inherit meter readings, the meter readings for the child records are updated. If the location has assets that inherit meter readings for the location, the readings for the assets in that location are updated.
  4. In the New Reading field, enter a value, or click Select Value. The system date and time display in the New Reading Date field. The log in name for the user displays in the Inspector field.
  5. To change the inspector, specify a value, or click Detail Menu to retrieve a value.
  6. To enter the reading and return to the record, click OK.