Disabling the Priority Matrix

You can disable the priority matrix if you do not want to use that feature of the product.

Before you begin

To disable the use of the priority matrix to calculate the internal priority, you can set the system property mxe.tsd.useprioritymatrix to false. By default the property is set to true.

When the mxe.tsd.useprioritymatrix property is set to false, the Internal Priority field in the user interface in the Incidents, Problems, and Service Requests applications is writable and the lookup detail menu icon is displayed. Then, you can set the internal priority directly.

Complete the following steps to disable the priority matrix feature.


  1. Open the System Properties application. Open menu > System Configuration > Platform Configuration > System Properties application.
  2. To locate the priority matrix property, in the Global Properties pane, select Filter and specify mxe.tsd.useprioritymatrix.
  3. Click the View Details icon next to the property.
  4. In the Global Value field, specify 0 to disable use of the priority matrix.
  5. Save the record by clicking on the Save Property icon.