Displaying a map

This product provides three types of map views. The maps that are available depend on the application that you are working with.

Before you begin

Before you map records in one of the applications that offer this capability, an administrator must go to the Map Manager application (Open Menu > Administration > Map Manager) and enable your default insert site. You can also specify the map provider, along with the initial settings (zooming level, latitude and longitude) for a number of sites. The site that you set is used to authenticate that you can see the map; the zooming level determines how to position the map initially.

Optionally, an administrator can go to the Service Address application to create service addresses using the Map tab. The formatted address, latitude, and longitudes are required to show the address on the map.

About this task

The three types of map views include the following:
  • The Map tab that is available when a single record is open. You use this tab to populate the map based on the required service address information for the record.
  • The Map - Side by Side and Map - Below tabs, which are displayed with the List tab in some of the applications. Use this tab to display multiple records on the map, along with a route starting from your current location to the mapped records.
  • The Related CIs Map tab, which is displayed in the Configuration Items (CI) application when a CI record is open. This tab is used to show the locations of the current CI and its related CIs in the CI topology view.