Chat Queue tab in Person Groups application

Service Desk managers use the Chat Queue tab in the Person Groups application to configure, view, and manage chat queues.

You can use this tab to designate a person group as a chat queue, update the status of queues to available or unavailable for chatting, view the status of agents in a queue, and view waiting and in-progress chats. You can also use this tab to view a list of the ticket templates marked as chat topics that get routed to this chat queue.

The Person Groups application displays a list of all of the person groups defined in your environment, whether or not they are chat queues. To view a list of the person group records, place the cursor in the Person Group field, and press Enter. Use the search and query capabilities to limit your list as needed. After you open a person group record, you can open the Chat Queue tab to perform chat-related operations. Click View Record List to return to the complete list of person groups.

If you installed optional content when you installed this product, a set of predefined queries in the navigation pane of the Person Groups application enable you to quickly find person groups that pertain to the live chat feature.

The related topics that are listed provide more information about using this tab to create and manage chat queue person groups.

When you open the Chat Queue tab for a person group record, the following fields and information are displayed:
Person Group
The name of the group.
A description that was provided when the group was created.
Is Chat Queue?
If checked, indicates that the person group is a designated chat queue. You can check or clear this field to make the group a queue or to specify that it is not a queue.
Available to Chat?
If checked, indicates that the group is available to chat. If unchecked, indicates that it is unavailable. This field applies only when the person group is a chat queue. You can change this status at any time, but any group that is not a designated chat queue cannot be made available to chat.

If a person group is unavailable, end users who are routed to this queue are informed that no agents are available to chat. Chat queues are not expected to be available 24x7.

Summary, In Progress Chats, Waiting Chats, and Chat Topics subtabs
A group of four sub-tabs that provide information about the chat queue person group that you are working with, as follows:
Shows the number of chats that are in progress for this queue, along with the number of chat requests that are waiting for an agent. In addition, lists agents in the queue in the Agent Chat Activity table, which shows each agent ID and name, the number of chats that are currently underway for each agent, and the current agent status. The number of in-progress chats for each agent includes chats across all of the chat queues the agent belongs to. Agent status values are as follows:
The agent is logged in and available for chatting. However, if the chat queue is currently specified as unavailable, chat requests are not routed to the agent.
The agent is not currently logged in to the product.
The person is not a user. All agents in a chat queue person group must have user IDs. Non-users cannot respond to chat queues and are ignored.
In Progress Chats
Shows details about the chats that are currently in progress for this chat queue. For each in-progress chat, displays the request time, the names and IDs of the requesting user and the responding agent, the ID of the service request that was created when the chat began, and a summary of the issue under discussion in the chat.
Waiting Chats
Shows details about the chat requests that are currently awaiting an agent response from this chat queue. For each waiting chat, displays the request time, the name and ID of the requesting user, and the primary e-mail address and phone number of the requesting user.
Chat Topics
Lists the ticket templates that are assigned to this chat queue as chat topics, and shows details about the templates. For each chat topic, displays the template ID; the template description, which is used for the chat topic in the list of available chat topics; and the current status of the template.