Updates to improve promotion performance

Several changes have been made to streamline the process of promoting actual configuration items (CIs) to create authorized CIs, yielding significant improvement in the performance of this task. You can also configure some aspects of this performance.

The process of promotion, in which authorized CIs are created from actual CIs, has been streamlined in two ways:
  • When a CI is promoted, the attributes on the authorized CI will be created only if one of these conditions is true:
    • The actual CI has a non-null value for the attribute.
    • The authorized classification specifies a default value for the attribute.
    Attributes that are not created during promotion can be added afterwards to each CI. If you want an attribute always to be created, you can provide a default value on the authorized classification. If new attribute values are added to an actual CI by the discovery process, and those attributes are part of the authorized CI classification definition, they will be added to the authorized CI when you re-promote or synchronize the CI.
  • When a CI is promoted, its attribute history is no longer created automatically. Attribute history entries are added when an attribute is modified.

If you have upgraded from a previous release of CCMDB, authorized CIs that were promoted before the upgrade will have more data than CIs that you promote after upgrading. For example, in the Authorized CI application, a CI promoted prior to the upgrade display attributes that do not have values and an attribute history for each existing attribute. CIs promoted after the upgrade display only the attributes that have values and initially the attribute history dialog is empty. When attribute values change, they are viewable in the attribute history dialog.

In addition to the performance improvement delivered by this streamlining of the promotion process, you can also configure the number of processing threads that are allocated to this process.