Responding to Add Change requests

When a request is made to add one or more changes to a release, the requests are available for acceptance or rejection from within the Releases application. If the request is to add the change to a specific release, the Release Owner of that release is notified, and he or she accepts or rejects the request. If the request makes the change available for any release, all Release Owners are notified, and one of them accepts the task of accepting or rejecting the request.

About this task

When a request to add changes to a release is accepted, all of the target configuration items (CIs) that are associated with the change become associated with the release as well. In addition, a relationship is created between the release and each accepted change; you can view this relationship by clicking the Related Records tab with the release or any of the related changes open.

To respond to an Add Change request, perform the following steps:


  1. If the request makes the change or changes available for any release, and no currently defined release meets the requirements of the changes, create a new release to accommodate the change. See Creating a Release for instructions.
  2. If you have not already done so, perform the following steps to open the release that will accommodate the change:
    1. Click Open menu > Release > Releases to go to the Releases application.
    2. Click Release in the Releases section to display a list of the releases that are defined in your environment.
    3. Click the number of the release that will accommodate the RFC.
  3. With the release open, select Requests > Add Change to Release Requests from the Common Actions menu. The Requests to Add a Change to a Release dialog box opens, and you can select requests or accept or reject the requests.

    For more information about this dialog box, see Accepting or rejecting an Add Change request.