View Actual CI Details

Use the View Actual CI Details dialog box to view information about an actual configuration item (actual CI) that is linked to the CI specified in a Configuration Item field.

Note: The Configuration Item field in the Details section of the ticket identifies the primary CI that is affected by the ticket. Configuration Item fields are also included in any new rows that you add to the Multiple Assets, Locations, and CIs section of the ticket. Use these fields to identify additional CIs that are affected by the ticket. These instructions apply to any configuration item identified on the ticket.

To view actual CI details:

  1. On the current ticket record, enter a value in a Configuration Item field or click Detail Menu > Select Value to select a value.
  2. Click the Detail Menu icon next to the Configuration Item field and then select View Actual CI Details.
  3. View information as needed. You can view the classification, GUID, and last scan date of an actual CI, as well as the attributes associated with the actual CI.
  4. Click OK to return to the current record.