Selecting an Asset

You can select an asset for a record. You might do so if the issue you are reporting or working on involves an asset.

This topic explains how to use the Select Value option from the Detail menu. You also can select an asset by choosing other options from the Detail menu.

To select an asset with the Select Value dialog box:

Note: To associate an asset with a record, the site where the asset is located must be active.
  1. Display the record for which you want to select an asset.
  2. Next to the Asset field, click the Detail Menu > Select Value . The system displays the Select Value dialog box.
    Note: The list is always filtered by a value in the Asset Site field. By default, this is the site on the person record of the user specified in the Affected Person field. However, the site might be copied from an originating service request if your administrator has configured the system to behave this way.
  3. To filter the list of assets, select one of the following values from the Filter By dropdown list and then click Refresh:
    By default, lists all assets for which the affected person (the user specified in the Affected Person field of the record) is a user or custodian.
    To list assets for a different asset user, custodian, or both, enter values in the User and Custodian fields and then click Refresh.
    • To list all assets that a person uses, enter the user name of that person in the User field.
    • To list all assets for which a person is a custodian, enter the user name of that person in the Custodian field.
    You can enter the same or a different user name in each field. Click Select Value icon next to a field to select a name.
    Lists all assets available to the affected person. The affected person does not have to be a user or custodian of the displayed assets.
    Lists all public assets for an asset site. Public assets are assets that do not have associated users or custodians.

After you select an asset, the system copies the location of the asset to the Location field.

You can use the Detail Menu next to the Asset field to enter meter readings or report downtime on the selected asset, and to view contracts, work orders, PMs, asset details, and tickets associated with the asset.