Associating safety-relating assets with locations

Use the Locations application to associate assets relating to safety that workers might need to be aware of when they perform work on a selected asset. If the selected asset has hazards or tag outs associated with it, be sure to associate the record with itself. Doing so makes the safety-related information available when creating a safety plan or a job plan for that asset.


  1. From the List tab of the Locations application, display the record with which you want to associate a safety-related asset.
  2. On the Safety tab, click the Safety-Related Assets sub tab.
  3. Under the Safety-Related Assets table, click New Row.
  4. In the Asset or in the Location fields, specify a value or click Detail Menu and select an option.
  5. Repeat steps 3 - 4 for each asset that you want to associate with the current record. If the current location record has hazards or tag outs, add its asset identifier to the Safety-Related Assets table window.
  6. Click Save Location.