Duplicating a lifecycle

If you want to create a new lifecycle that is similar to an existing lifecycle, you can save time by starting from a duplicate of the existing lifecycle.

Before you begin

About this task

Follow these steps to create a new lifecycle by duplicating an existing one:


  1. Click Open menu > IT infrastructure > CI Lifecycles .
  2. Place the cursor in the CI Lifecycle field. Type a filter term if you want to limit the list of records. Press Enter.
  3. Select the lifecycle that you want to duplicate.
  4. In the CI Lifecycle tab, choose the Duplicate this lifecycle action.
  5. Type the name of the new lifecycle you want to create in the Lifecycle Name field.
  6. Do not check the Is Default? box now. If you want to use your new lifecycle as the default lifecycle, designate it as the default after you have finished making changes to it.
  7. Optional: Add a description of the lifecycle to the Description field.
  8. Click the Save this Lifecycle icon.


You now have a new lifecycle defined that is a copy of the original, with a new name and a new description if you entered one. Next, modify this new lifecycle. You can add or delete states and add or delete transitions between states, choose a different default state, and change which states are protected. Save the lifecycle again after each major change, and after you have finished making changes.