Changing the status of a license

Use the Licenses application to change the status of one or more license records. A license can be in Requested, Draft, Active, Not Ready, Expired, or Canceled status. A license must be active before it can be considered to be in use.


  1. On the navigation bar, click Open Menu > Assets > Licenses.
  2. In the Licenses application, open the license whose status you want to change or specify multiple licenses in the record list.
    (From the record list, to specify multiple licenses you must select the Select Records check box and then check one or more licenses whose status you want to change.)
  3. In the Common Actions list, click Change Status.
    If, instead, you open a license record and the click Change Status from the License tab or another tab, the status change is applied to the currently open license only.
  4. In the New Status field, select the status you want and click OK.
    The new status is saved automatically.