Creating Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

You can create a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) using the Create KPI option from the toolbar.

About this task

Use this procedure to create a KPI when you select the Create KPI option from the toolbar. You can also create a KPI using KPI Manager. For more information, see the KPI Manager online help.

Creating a KPI


  1. Click the Create KPI icon on the toolbar.
  2. Type a unique name in the KPI Name field.
    You can also type a description in the Description field. To type a long description, click the Long Description icon.
  3. Select a Calculation Type, either a decimal or a percentage.
  4. Type the selection criteria in the Select field.
  5. Type any parameters in the Where field.
  6. Type values in the Target, Caution At, and Alert At fields.
    These are the values where the display changes from green to yellow to red. If you type a low value in the Target field and a low value in the Alert At field, it indicates that a high number is the desired result.
  7. Fill in any other fields as required. For information about a field, place the cursor in the field and press Alt+F1.
  8. Click OK.