Updating configuration items

After you create authorized configuration items, you can update them to suit your business needs.

To update a configuration item, open it in the Configuration Items application.

When you change fields, and add or delete rows, the following rules apply:

  • The attributes of a CI, and their data types, are determined by the CI's classification, as defined in your authorized CI space. If you change the classification, the attributes reflect the new classification.
  • When you update an existing attribute value, or add a new attribute value, the application rejects values that do not match the attribute's data type. For example, if an attribute is defined as a numeric value, you cannot enter letters in that field.
  • The value in one field can determine whether you can change the value in another field.
  • If the configuration item is in a protected state in its lifecycle, you must provide an approved change record in order to change the value of an attribute or the status of the CI. The change must be in Approved or In Progress state, and it must identify the CI as a target. You can enter the change number or select it from a list when you modify the CI.