Launching to the TADDM interface

To view a graphical representation of the application, business application, or physical relationships of actual configuration items, you can view the application topology for an actual configuration item in the Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM) interface.


  1. In the Actual Configuration Items application, select an actual configuration item.
  2. Choose one of these actions:
    • View Actual CI Topology > Application
    • View Actual CI Topology > Business application
    • View Actual CI Topology > Physical
  3. You will see a prompt asking you whether you want to Open or Save. Choose Open.
  4. If you have not configured single sign-on between Control Desk and TADDM, the TADDM login panel will appear. Log in with credentials that are valid for TADDM.
  5. If the TADDM database contains information about this CI from more than one Operational Management Product (OMP), you might need to choose which OMP's data you want to view.
  6. The TADDM user interface will display a graphical view of the application topology. Refer to the TADDM information to learn about working with the TADDM user interface.