Setting automatic assignment method and reassignment time

The Automatic Assignment Method option (On call tab) in the Person Groups application allows you to view or modify the automatic assignment behavior for the selected Person Group.

The following Automatic Assignment Method choices are available:
  • Set as Owner Group - assigns the group to be the ticket owner group
  • Set Owner by Rotation - starts with a different member each time
  • Set Owner by Sequence - starts with the member with lowest sequence number
  • Set Owner by Workload - starts with the member with fewest tickets
Note: The default value is 'Set Owner by Sequence'.

You can choose the reassignment interval, that is the length of time to wait before reassigning the incident to the next Person Group. The following choices are available:
  • 15 - 15 minutes
  • 30 - 30 minutes
  • 60 - 60 minutes
Note: An administrator can change these reassignment time options by modifying the values in the ONCALLASSIGNFREQ domain. If no reassign time is specified in a Person Group, the default reassignment time is set to 15 minutes.

You can modify the automatic assignment behavior for many groups at the same time using the Automatic Assignment Settings action under More Actions in the List View. To do this:
  1. Navigate to the Person Groups application.
  2. In the List View, check the Select Records checkbox and check the checkbox next to each Person Group you wish to modify.
  3. Under More Actions, click the Automatic Assignment Settings action. The Automatic Assignment Settings dialog displays.
  4. From here you can change the values of the Next Person Group, Automatic Assignment Method, or How many minutes to wait before re-assigning fields for the selected person groups by clicking the Select Value icon next to each field and selecting a new value from the list.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.