Ticket Template Data migration group

The Ticket Template Data migration group manages ticket templates.

DMTKTEMPLATE object structure

Managing application Migration Manager
Supported objects Ticket templates, ticket template specifications, ticket template activity records
Outbound content processing During package creation in a source environment, this object structure sets the values for the HIERARCHYPATH and EXTERNALREFID attributes.
Inbound content processing During package deployment in a target environment, this object structure finds the CLASSSTRUCTUREID value based on the HIERARCHYPATH attribute and sets the value. It also sets the TKTEMPLATESPEC, TKTEMPLTACTIVITY, and TKTEMPLTACTYSPEC objects so that the correct records are found for Change or Replace actions.
Carries long description Yes
Carries records in multiple languages No
Additional information To enable the update of ticket templates, the object structure uses the EXTERNALREFID persistent attribute as an alternate key. Do not change this attribute. Also, do not remove the HIERARCHYPATH non-persistent attribute from the TKTEMPLATE, TKTEMPLTACTIVITY, and TKTEMPLTACTYSPEC objects, or deployment errors occur.

Ticket template dependencies

Ticket templates can have many dependencies. A ticket template record might depend on a person group, person, service group, service, company, classification, or organization. A ticket template activity record might depend on a job plan, organization, site, person, person group, company, or classification. A ticket template specification record or a ticket template activity specification record might depend on an asset attribute or unit of measure. None of this related data is part of the ticket template object structure. Therefore, the following related data must be migrated separately or created in the target environment before or after you migrate a ticket template:

Related data Migration
Classifications, organizations, and sites Migrate the related data separately or create it in the target environment.
Person groups and person records Migrate the related data separately or create it in the target environment, and then link the related data to the migrated ticket template.
Asset attributes, companies, job plans, services and service groups, and units of measure After the ticket template is migrated, create the related data in the target environment and then link the related data to the migrated ticket template.

Autokey values

If you do not want to use autokey values for the TEMPLATEID attribute, and want the users to always specify a value that is migrated, you must make the following customizations in the source and target environments:
  • Remove the attribute restriction from the TEMPLATEID attribute and disable the autokey for the TKTEMPLATE object by using the Database Configuration application.
  • Remove the alternate key that is defined on the TKTEMPLATE object of the DMTKTEMPLATE object structure by using the Object Structures application.

If you leave the autokey enabled, do not remove the restriction from the TEMPLATEID attribute. If you remove the restriction, but users do not override the generated autokey value, records could be updated in error.