Increasing the package size upload limit

The default size limit for uploading a package to the application server is 20 MB. You can change the limit by editing the Migration Manager presentation XML file.

Before you begin

To edit the presentation XML file, you must be an administrator and you must know how to use the Application Designer application.

About this task

If you set a limit that is too high, the application server might run out of memory.


  1. Log in as an administrator and start the Application Designer application.
  2. Export the dm.xml presentation XML file to a client workstation.
  3. In a text or XML editor, find the section of the file that contains the following XML:
    <dialog id="UPLOADPKG" label="Upload Package" beanclass="">
    <uploadfile id="UPLOADPKG_sec" label="Specify a File" oklabel ="OK" cancellabel="Cancel" />
  4. Add a maxfilesize parameter to the <uploadfile> tag and specify a package size upload limit.
    For example, the following maxfilesize parameter specifies a 50 MB limit:
    <uploadfile id="UPLOADPKG_sec" label="Specify a File" oklabel ="OK" cancellabel="Cancel" maxfilesize="50" />
  5. Save the presentation XML file.
  6. In the Application Designer application, import the edited dm.xml presentation XML file.