Map - Side by Side and Map - Below tabs: mapping multiple records

The Assets, Changes, Releases, Incidents, Service Requests, Problems, and CI applications provide two mapping-related tabs in addition to the List tab: the Map - Side by Side tab and the Map - Below tab. Use these tabs to draw maps of some or all of the records in the list.

About this task

You can filter from the table or run a query to select the records that you want to show in the map. Maps display the geographic locations of all selected records. A route is drawn among the records based on the order of records shown on the table. You can reorder the records by using the sort feature from the table column.

Perform the following steps to map one or more records with a route between records.


  1. Open the application that contains the records that you want to map.
  2. Select all records, or query or filter to limit the records to map. Since the route is enabled by default, you must have at least two nodes to map (your location and one record).
  3. To display a map that is positioned beside the list of records, click Map - Side by Side. Click Map - Below to display a map that is positioned below the table.