Configuring smart fill for offering dialogs

Smart fill can be configured for attributes in offering dialogs using Application Designer. You need to perform some manual configuration steps first in order for the smart fill to work in the Offering Catalog and Self Service Center applications.

Before you begin

Configure the properties for smart fill in the Application Designer and save the Offering.

About this task

This procedure applies to offering dialogs stored in the Offerings application that can be cloned and modified in the Application Designer.


  1. Export the application XML pmscoffer.xml using the Application Designer.
  2. Copy the smart fill configuration block in the XML, for example:
    <configurationblock id='datastore_configurationblock'> <datastore cachedata='1' dataattribute='ADDRESS' datasrc='Adv_pmbldaccess_omCR_bldaccess2_datasrc' domain='DAYSOFWEEK' id='ds_1317150088799' validfor='30'> <typeahead domainattribute='description' id='1317150099487' keyattribute='true'/> </datastore> </configurationblock> 
  3. For each of the applications that your self service users use (for example, pmscoffcat, srmssctr), export the application XML using Application Designer.
  4. Add the copied configuration block to the end of the exported application XML for each of the applications.
  5. Save the application XML.
  6. Re-import the application XML using the Application Designer.


The dialog is now configured to use smart fill.