Cloning dialogs in Application Designer

Dialogs that are contained in the application XML can be cloned and modified in the Application Designer.

Before you begin

Dialogs that exist in the system library.xml file, can not be cloned or modified in the Application Designer.

About this task

This procedure applies to dialog windows that are contained in the current application. If the dialog window you wish to clone is not available in the Edit Dialogs window, it is probably a system dialog contained in library.xml and can not be cloned.


  1. Open the application in the Application Designer.
  2. Click the Workspace tab.
  3. Select the Clone Dialog action.
    The Clone Dialog window opens with a list of dialogs that are available to clone.
  4. Select a dialog to clone.
  5. Enter a new Dialog ID and a new Dialog Label in the fields provided.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Application Designer, click Edit Dialogs and select the cloned dialog.
  8. You can modify the cloned dialog in the Workspace, and make the changes needed to adapt the dialog window to your business needs.
  9. Click Save.


The dialog is cloned and ready to be modified using Application Designer.