Setting a new time for conflict detection

If you want to modify the regularly scheduled time at which the escalation triggers an automatic conflict detection, you can do so in the Escalations application.

About this task

To set a new time at which to run conflict detection, perform the following steps:


  1. Click Open menu > System Configuraton > Platform Configuration > Escalations to open the Escalations application.
  2. In the Escalations field, type PMCHGCONFLICTS to open the PMCHGCONFLICTS escalation.
  3. Uncheck Active to deactivate the escalation.
  4. Click the calendar icon of the Schedule field. A dialog opens in which to establish a different schedule for running the escalation.
  5. After you establish the new schedule, click OK.
  6. Check Active to reactivate the PMCHGCONFLICTS escalation. Conflict detection will now run at the time that you have specified.