Service Requests

A Service Request can be to resolve an issue, obtain a new service, obtain information, or change a current service. Service Requests can be created via Self Serve, Service Desk, Work Orders, and Service Request Catalog.

About this task

In the Self Serve app, user can submit a Service Request for the offerings in the system using the Request a new Service option. When a Service Request is submitted, a ticket is created which can be viewed in My Tickets in the Self Serve app.

In Service Request Catalog, when a catalog request is submitted, a service request is created for each item in the cart. The Service Requests application can be used to view, approve and fulfill the requests. The approval and fulfillment process for a service request can be automated using workflows provided with the product.

In Service Desk, an agent creates a service request record to track all contacts from a requestor, capture information from the requestor and determine what, if any, further action is needed. A requestor can either contact the service desk agent or create a service request via e-mail or other form of communication. A requestor also can create a self-service request via the Create Service Requests application or by clicking Create Service Request in the Navigator in the Self Service Center application. The agent views these requests in the Service Requests application and either resolves them or delegates them to another party for resolution.

Service request records are a type of ticket. Other ticket types are Incidents and Problems. The ticket applications are closely related and share many features, including the ability to define relationships between tickets, link them together for information purposes, and view the linkages and details in the appropriate applications.

You use the Service Requests application to create, view, and resolve Service Requests from customers or requestors.