Introduction to Best practices content for Service Desk

Best practices content for Service Desk includes a number of artifacts that build on those provided by the product. These artifacts provide a Service Desk offering with more extensive pre-defined capabilities. The best practices content is based on a standard installation of production and test environments.

The best practices content includes the following artifacts:
  • Security groups that define access to ticket applications corresponding to the user roles defined by the IBM® Tivoli® Unified Process.

    Security groups let administrative users manage user authorizations and access rights to sites, applications, storerooms, labor, General Ledger (GL) components, and other aspects of the organization.

  • Start Centers that provide links to actions, applications, and graphs relevant to the responsibilities of each role.
  • Queries that enable quick access to relevant information based on the roles defined for ticket management.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that enable an organization to monitor and measure progress toward organizational goals.
  • Communication templates for commonly used email messages.
  • Escalations that define the conditions for automatically sending an email with a specific communication template.