Network Consulting

Network Consulting requests are required frequently in organizations. Therefore, standardized procedures are used in most organizations for efficiently handling a large number of these requests.

It is assumed that this service request covers only small consulting work efforts (i.e. the total sum of all activities is 20-40 hours). It does not cover large work efforts that require more formal project management.


The authorization process for the Network Consulting catalog request solicits approval from the requester's manager and a Network Request Reviewer. The Network Request Reviewer can be a single person or an approval committee with members covering various review areas such as funding, technical viability, security, et cetera.

The following tasks are performed as part of the authorization process:
  1. Approve/disapprove request
  2. Close request


A Network Consulting request is typically a small consulting work effort (20-40 hours). It is usually performed by a single network architect. Examples of these include:
  • Network design review
  • Replace a network device that has reached end of life
  • Feasibility study to implement new functions (e.g. Quality of Service)

The process begins after the service request has been approved and assigned to a fulfillment architect. Next, the fulfillment architect will review the request to ensure that the requirements and the deliverables are clearly documented and understood before starting to draft a solution. In the process of drafting the solution, if more information is required, an e-mail is sent to the requester with the needed information.

Once the design is complete, the fulfillment architect will document the solution and send to the requester. An e-mail is sent to the requester notifying him of the completion of the service.

The following tasks are performed as part of the fulfillment process:
  1. Review request
    Note: More information may be required at this step.
  2. Design solution
  3. Document solution
  4. Request complete

Resource assignment

Direct assignment by analysts to specialist or the team queue.

The following task is performed as part of the resource assignment process:
  • Notify the Fulfiller Architect of an approved service request

Role assignment

Table 1. Role assignments for I and S Network Consulting
Role Responsibilities related to I and S Network Consulting
Service Requisition User
  • Enters service request information for the catalog request.
  • Verifies that deliverables meet the request requirements.
Requester Approver Approves the content of the catalog request.
Network Architect Conducts all tasks needed to complete the work effort.