Selecting attributes to replace during deployment

When you create a package definition, you can specify the attributes that must be replaced with appropriate values at deployment time. Attributes must be replaced, for example, when the data constraints in the target environment do not match the data constraints in the source environment.

About this task

The attributes to be replaced are stored in the metadata of a package. The replacement values are determined by the replacement rules that are defined in the target environment.


  1. In the Migration Manager application in a source environment, select a package definition.
  2. Select the Select Attributes for Replacement action.
  3. For each object, select the attributes that must be replaced:
    1. In the tree, select a migration object.
    2. In the Attributes section, select Replacement Required for each attribute that you want to replace during deployment.
    3. In the Remarks field, provide an explanation of why the replacement is required.
  4. Click OK.

What to do next

Define the attribute replacement rules in the target environment.